Hawkeye Dress (finally) and other Marvel stealth cosplay

The finished Hawkeye dress, closeup of top-stitching (also much closer to the actual color — I couldn’t take the full-length pic *and* get enough natural light), the Bucky dress (now with the proper belt!), Iron Man, Steve Rogers.

Yeah, I made those dresses.



I did a thing for a contest and I think it turned out pretty durn cute

Well I hope you fucking win because this is a win!



I did a thing for a contest and I think it turned out pretty durn cute

Well I hope you fucking win because this is a win!

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So I have to randomly ramble about Sam’s career choice pre-film in the MCU real quick

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Anonymous asked: Is the Steve/Bucky music thing still going? I nominate Battle Scars from Lupe Fiasco and Guy Sebastian.


For realsies.

On a tangential note: has everyone else read that fic that one time about Bucky being of Middle Eastern descent and it was soooooo goooooooood?

I assume it’s this fic

SO good.



When his brother died, he got the Jaeger back to the shore on his own. I know one other pilot who’s been able to do that.

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Lyrics inspired graphics (7/?)

Whispering - Alex Clare (x)

Whispering, whispering, whispering, whispering
 As I pass myself down to my knees

Based off (x)

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"I think for Steve, it’s just so important for him to contribute something. He doesn’t want to be in the shadows. Bucky in this version has always looked out for him and been very overprotective. He’s had Steve in his mind in a certain way. He’d never want anything to happen to him—he’s the only family he’s ever had. […] I think for him there’s an element of, "Okay I’m going to go fight and I will survive this one mission and then I’ll come back and I’ll not go back." But the problem is that he has no choice because Steve’s going and he never lets Steve go by himself. […] Bucky’s like, "It’s you and I care about you—of course I love you." - Sebastian Stan [x]

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tinykaiju asked: Picture: Steve shyly asking Sam to be his fella


want to, would love to, but tragically cannot (unless we’re talking an AU), because with the canon as it stands, i see the steve/sam transition from friends to benefits going one of the following ways:


"So, uh," Sam says, "did you want to share the bed, or should I take the floor?" 

Steve gives him an exasperated look. “Yeah, Sam, take the floor. It’s the least you can do, especially after taking a leave of absence from your job to keep me sane while I hunt down my brainwashed best friend. Actually, you know what? I think you should sleep in the hall.” 

Sam rolls his eyes, but the tension in his shoulders eases, and he drops his duffel on the bed. “The hilarious Captain America, folks. Sharing, then?” 

"Sure," Steve says easily, heading towards the shower. Then he grins, wicked, and adds, "Unless, of course, you’ve got some sort of panicky heteronormative idea about the acceptable boundaries between male friends, a concept enforced by the patriarchal structure of — " 

"I am never," Sam groans, collapsing back on the bed, "letting you listen to NPR again. I pick the music for the rest of the trip. I pick the music for the rest of my life.” 

Steve, the irritating bastard, starts humming Trouble Man as he shuts the bathroom door, and just laughs when Sam yells, “You learn too fast! You learn too much,” over the sound of the shower spray. 

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"First, let’s get a couple of misconceptions out of the way. My call for an Asian American Iron Fist is not meant to displace Danny Rand from the story. It is, in fact, the opposite. In my mind, casting a young Asian American in the lead role does nothing to change his classic origin: He can still be the son of a wealthy businessman. He can still accompany his family on an expedition to seek out K’un L’un. He can still train under Lei Kung, the Thunderer. He can still seek revenge against the man who killed his father. Danny being Asian American precludes none of these things."

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Alright everyone, I know we’ve all been expecting it today, so I’m just going to go ahead and post it. No questions asked. Here’s the song of the day.

are you fucking serious 


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